mercoledì 22 febbraio 2017

#RQLRecomendation 4

#RQLRecomendation, every saturday and every wednesday we will recomend you a song that we personally like. The song we choosed for today is "Life good" by Anthony B.
Check it out !!

mercoledì 15 febbraio 2017

Rototom Sunsplash announce first artists

Today is the big day !!!! Rototom Sunsplash reggae festival, just announced some of the artists that will go on stage this year, they will announce more from tomorrow.
This year Rototom theme will be Africa and it will be from the 12th to the 19th of augst in Benicassim Spain. We are super excited, bacause for the first time we will also be there !!

But now let's talk about the line up :
So the first artists announced are :

On the main stage :

Gentelman & Ky-Mani Marley
Youssou N' Dour 
Don Carlos
Christopher Martin

On the lion stage :

Manu Digital with Joseph Cotton

For the Dancehall :

King turbo

 Dub Academy :

Nucleus Roots ft Simon Dan & Don Hartley

If you haven't got your tickets you can get it from here until 5th of april for only 170 Euros.

sabato 11 febbraio 2017

#RQLRecomendation 3

#RQLRecomendation, every saturday and every wednesday we will recomend you a song that we personally like. The song we choosed for today is "Born Again Tomorrow" by the fantastic Bon Jovi.
"Born Again Tomorrow" it's the fifth track from the latest Bon Jovi studio album "This house is not for sale", album that was realised  on November 4, 2016, by Island Records. It is their first studio album without former lead guitarist Richie Sambora.
Check it out XD.

lunedì 6 febbraio 2017

Simple Plan annouce European tour

So it's official..... The one and only, band of my life SIMPLE PLAN will tour EUROPE this summer. None can image how happy I'm. We really hope to see them live somewhere. This year shows will be really special because they will play songs from their first studio album "no pads, no helmets... just balls". Simple Plan hope to see you somewhere !

Tickets will go on sale on friday 10th on .

Lot's of Love

-Gaia XD

sabato 4 febbraio 2017

#RQLRecomendation 2

#RQLRecomendation, every saturday and every wednesday we will recomend you a song that we personally like. The song we choosed for today it's the amazing "Humble Mi" by the wonderful Jah9. Check it out !!!

giovedì 2 febbraio 2017

Naturaliss interview

Greetings listeners and readers,
we are really happy to host here on our web-site the great Naturaliss, from Jamaica.
Hello Naturaliss,

How are you ?
I am doing great.

Would you like to introduce yourself to the listeners and readers ?
My name is Naturaliss Reggae and Dancehall recording artiste from Islington St.  Mary Jamaica.

When did you started making music ?
 I started making music officially in year 2000 but I usually freestyle in school while friends would beat  the desktop as drums. 

Which is the message you like to spread with your music ?
My message is mainly motivation, Self-development and equality. 

If you could choose one artist/band to perform with who would it be ?
Jimmy Cliff but if Bob Marley was alive I would choose Bob Marley. 

Which is your biggest dream in the music field ?
My biggest dream is to win a Grammy Award and to reach people worldwide with my music; to travel the world and perform for people spreading the love. 

Do you have any plans for the future ?
Yes my plans for the future is to burry myself in the studio to create new content for my fans. 
Thank you so much Naturaliss for this interview. I really recomend to all of you to check out this great artist  on spotify & I-tunes 

lunedì 30 gennaio 2017

Thousand miles away : Karima journey

Greetings listeners and readers of  RQL, today, for our series of  Thousend Miles Aways interviews, we will have the chance to learn about Karima's story and journey  to Finland. Our dear friend Zabihullah introduced us to Karima and helped us as translator, so thank you to both Karima and Zabihullah for this article.

Karima was born in 1993 in Kabul and she is Hazara. When Karima was 4 or 5 years old she moved with her family (mother, 2 more sisters and one brother) from Afganistan to Iran after the loss of her father during the war. Karima's older sister is married and at the moment she is in Germany as a refugee, still waiting for her application as asylum seeker to be accepted or rejected from German governement. Six or seven years ago her brother suddently disappeared in Iran, and until now, nobody knows where he is. In Iran they had different kind of problems, the iranian regime is very harsh with refugees, it doesn't let refugees get any education or anything else, showing no respect for human rights. Also iranian people were very unsupportive, criticizing and taking stand along the governement against the presence of Afghan refugees in the country. Karima and her family lived in Iran for about 18 years, but she is not really sure, since all they went through during their stay she can't even remember well the details. After arriving in Finland she has started considering her situation, her whole life, and she realized that if she would have been living in this country (finland) for that many years, now she would have a very good life, education, peace. A very relaxed life.  She feels like she has lost forever her opportunity and chance to get education, because now she will have to start from the beginning, to make a new life. In order to get away from that awful situation, a few years ago Karima took contact with the UNHCR office in Iran, she denounced her family's struggles and applied to be an asylum seeker in some other country. Through UNHCR refugees living in more dangerous countries such as Iran or Pakistan are moved to safer places, like EU, Australia or Canada. It's a long process, after the application the case must be accepted, and only after that the refugees are moved to another location, but they have no voice about the final destination,it's not up to the refugees to chose the place where they will be sent. Karima situation in Iran wasn't easy to be sorted since most of the people working for the UN there are of course from Iran and they mainly support their government politics against refugees, so they tried to discourage Karima. She had to be very firm and strong to have finally her case discussed and accepted. The respect for the human rights  it's an important issue in Iran, as even many iranian people complain about their own government not respecting them at all. One of the main problem Karima's family had to face in Iran was how to make a living. In Iran women can't work or even rent an apartement, but Karima's mother was a widowed so she didn't have a man at her side to support her and her young children. For Karima, living in Iran as a woman, as a girl, was really difficult, because over there women have no way to support themselves or improve their life as there is no concept of women's rights. And for her family, with no father or brothers, only three women, things were even more difficult, with people spreading rumors and gossiping about them instead of helping them. But now Karima's family finally found a new place to stay here in Finland, where they arrived the 16th of september 2016. They already have the status of regular immigrants, so no more waiting time for her and her mother and sister. Now Karima is trying  to leave her painful past behind, even if it's hardly possible for her to forget all she has been through with her mother and sisters. She wants to start a new life here in Finland , she is very eager to begin her education, she wants to learn english and finnish and also her sister want to get an education. Their mother situation it's different and  harder, since she is older and unwell, with her heavy past putting its toll on her. She bravely rised her four children alone in a foreign country ( Iran ) where a woman can't actually do anything for herself or her family, and now after a life of terrible struggles, she is asked to start all over again. Not an easy pursuit at all. Also the thought of her lost son, which she has had no news for many years now, it's a terrible pain to bear, and knowing that the other doughter ( Karima's older sister ) is in Germany with her own family, still waiting for a permit to stay, still waiting to know if they can have the refugee status, it is really overwhelming. As for Karima's sister, she had escaped from Iran with her husband, because it is iranian politics at the moment, that Afghan men in order to stay in Iran as refugees have to go at war in Syria. To avoid this, they preferred to flee the country and come in Europe with their own means, but now it is a long waiting time for them, with the nightmarish threat to be deported back to Iran.
It was really hard for us to listen to Karima, her struggles, her pain are so deep it would be much easier to turn a blind eye over what so many of our sisters and brothers go through. But we strongly feel that it is so important to make everybody aware of the real reasons that force so many people to flee their home countries, most of the time to face years of struggles and rejection also from those who should be there for them, welcoming and helping out in the darkest hours. Karima we wish you and your sisters a bright future, and to your brave mother  peace and joy in this new place.