mercoledì 3 gennaio 2018

Acid Reign : an interview with Ben Wray

 Here we are with the first interview of this new year ! 
We will be talking with Ben Wray, writer,producer and director, about the Acid Reign Series and the short movie Enter the Fringe. We saw Enter the Fringe and we highly recomend it to all dystopian and post-apocalyptic fans and to all those who want to experience something new ! After watching the short movie we got all hooked and we look forward to all the exciting news Ben told us in the interview, 
so keep reading !

 Hello Ben, would you like to introduce yourself for our readers ?

 I guess, more important than any boring detail I could give you about myself is that I love films and filmmaking! For me, taking an idea and being able to translate that idea into an artwork that other people can enjoy is my passion. I have always been a fan of the sci-fi and dystopian/post-apocalyptic genres because there is just something about fiction or fantasy that is so close to our own lives that I think everyone can really connect with.  I grew up in a simple town in Arkansas where nothing ever that exciting happens so I think that's where all the creativity started. I am currently a writer, producer, and director for two production companies here in Utah. 
 Let's talk about Acid Reign series.
 A couple of years ago, my friend and Co-creator called me and said he had an idea for a movie and he wanted to meet. When we got together the next day, he handed me some notes and basically said he wanted to make a post-apocalyptic movie with a guy, a girl, and a muscle car. Easy enough right? After about 6 months of meetings and concepts, I had a feature film written. It was good, but there was one problem; It was way too big of a story to be told in a feature and even a sequel. 6 months later I had written the first season. The feature that I had written ended up working its way into the season finale. Without going into too much detail, the story of Acid Reign takes place about a hundred years after an apocalypse that destroyed most of the earth, leaving almost all of it uninhabitable with exception of a city somewhere in the northwest United States. I know this sounds like the cookie cutter beginning of almost all of the other post-apocalyptic works out there, but Acid Reign is quite different. How it happened is unknown to the survivors. The fallout from whatever destroyed it isn't nuclear fallout, and the city is literally untouched, but why? You'll either have to read the books or wait for the series to find out more. I know, I hate me too.
Where you draw your inspiration from ?

 I grew up reading Stephen King, David Gemmel, Steven Erickson, Tolkien, Ray Bradbury, oh so many. Watched hundreds of movies. Although I studied Kubrick, Speilberg, Tarantino, James Cameron, Ridley Scott and J.J. Abrams, I have to admit there are pieces from all of them, but mostly I think Bill Dubuque, Ian C. Esslemont, and James Mangold. Mainly for the simple human aspect forcing its way through an enormous world. I truly hope that wasn't as confusing as it sounds.

Do you want to tell us something about the short film "Enter the Fringe" ?

  Enter the Fringe? We had been developing the world of Acid Reign, doing test shoots, and working out the design for the show for about two years and we were just ready for something to be filmed. We are friends with Josh Larson, who runs a local film festival. He called up Nathan and said he had one spot left in his film competition and asked if we would just do something Acid Reign. I had a script the next day, we met that next week for production, got our crew and talent together and filmed everything in one day. We had 10 days to plan, film, edit, and score the show. Luckily we have amazing people we work with. I decided to make "Enter the Fringe" an introductory film to the series, more of a "proof of concept". It gives a limited glimpse into the world of Acid Reign, but just enough. It was a lot of fun
"Enter the Fringe" was at the Red Giant Festival 2017. What about that experience ?

We were really excited to showcase what we had done in just over a week at the premiere night for the Red Giant Festival. Seeing your work on a screen in front of people is something that is hard to explain if you haven't experienced it. Surreal, exciting, nervous, and proud all wrapped up in one. Out of 16 films that were entered and 15 possible awards, we were nominated by the judges for 12 of 15. We were all ecstatic. That really is the payoff of hours and hours of work. It is fantastic to be nominated for a single award, but 12? The award ceremony was a week later. I can't tell you how anxious we all were. We ended up winning 5 of the 12. Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Wardrobe and Makeup, and the one I personally am most grateful for, the Audience Choice award. That's what truly matters to me; giving something to the audience that they love.   

Where does our readers can purchase "Enter the Fringe" ?

You can watch our introductory short film for Free on Amazon. Just search "Enter the Fringe" or you can view it for a small fee at    

What about the future of this project ? Is there a full lenght film coming ?

Book One, "Acid Reign: Genesis" will be available in the next couple of weeks as an ebook or print through Amazon and a couple of other sources. The first book covers roughly the first 5 episodes of the first season. We have video games, alternate reality apps, and graphic novels in the works as well.  
The first season will be 9 episodes. 30 - 45 minutes each episode, with a full-length film as the finale. I am currently meeting with investors to get the funding to make this happen. We will begin shooting early this year.
Thank you so much Kenaz! I can't wait to share the world of Acid Reign with you!  
And many many thanks to YOU Ben for taking your time to answer our questions ! We can't wait to read and watch more of Acid Reign !

domenica 31 dicembre 2017

Our 2017

2017 has arrived to an end. This year has been pretty full of  very exciting things : we got to be accredited in the biggest Reggae festival in Europe, and got to travel around for other gigs or festivals. We incrased our listeners to about 600 per day, and during this year we have got people from 148 different countries listening to us. We have got to interview the most amazing people in this world and we have got to meet the most amazing people and to make beautiful collaborations starting, such as the one with RedGoldGreen Label, and Jam Attack radio show.  So we can say 2017 has been a good year, and we can't wait to see what 2018 has in mind for us.

Happy New Year !!!


martedì 28 novembre 2017

Interview with Muiravale Freetown

Hello dear listeners and readears,
here we are with a new and fantastic interview.
Today's interview is with the amazing Muiravale Freetown band, a reggae band from Italy.  A huge thanks to RedGoldGreen label for the oppurtunity to "meet" and discover more about these amazing guys. Enjoy the interview ! :)

Ti/vi andrebbe di presentarvi ai nostri ascoltatori ?
Would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners ?

Blessed Love family, un piacere per noi partecipare alla vostra trasmissione, noi siamo i Muiravale Freetown e veniamo dal centro Italia.
Blessed love family, it's a pleasure for us to be on your website, we are the Muiravale Freetown, and we are from center Italy

Quando è iniziata la vostra avventura musicale ?
When did you music adventure started ?

La band ha iniziato a prendere forma nel 2009, quando 3 ragazzi decidono di scrivere una canzone in memoria di Alfredo Fiorini, medico missionario e nostro concittadino ucciso in un agguato in Mozambico. L'emotività di quel momento non solo ha fatto si che nascesse una canzone in suo onore, ma ha messo in moto qualcosa di più ampio. Da lì a preso il via un percorso che ancora oggi è in evoluzione. Dopo un EP di 5 brani è arrivato il primo album MUIRAVALE FREETOWN prodotto da Paolo Baldini nel 2013. Siamo cresciuti dal vivo al fianco di artisti italiani di assoluto livello ma anche di nomi internazionali aprendo concerti per Damian Marley, Bunny Wailer e Soja e nel 2015 ci siamo esibiti al Rototom Sunsplash a Benicassim, in Spagna.
The band was formed in 2009, when 3 guys decided to write a song in memory of Alfredo Fiorini, a missionary doctor from our town, that was killed in a ambush in Monzambique. Those strong feelings birthed not only a song but a much wider project. That's when our jouney started and it is still evolving today. After an EP of 5tunes, the first album "Muiravale Freetown" came, and was produced by Paolo Baldini in 2013. We grew up live beside great italian artists, but also with international names such as Damian Marley, Bunny Wailer and Soja and in 2015 we've been to Rototom Sunsplash in Benicassim.

Quale messaggio possiamo trovare nelle vostre canzoni ?
Which message can we find in your songs ?

Oltre il cammino spirituale verso la Cultura Rasta, il nostro messaggio e quindi Missione principale, si può riconoscere già nel nome "Muiravale" che è quella piccola località in Mozambico dove il 24 agosto del '92 venne ucciso Alfredo Fiorini. Da quel momento Muiravale ha assunto per noi un significato molto importante, la chiave dei nostri valori che sono quelli che erano di Alfredo. Siamo nati per onorare la sua memoria dopotutto.
Beside the spiritual path towards the Rasta Culture, our message and so our main mission, can been already seen in our name "Muiravale" that is the town in Monzambique where on the 24th of august 1992 Aldo Fiorini was killed. Since Muiravale has a very important meaning, the key of our values where the same as Alfredo's. We were actually born to honor his memory after all.

Come avete conosciuto i ragazzi della fantastica Redgoldgreen ?
How did you meet the guys from the great RedGoldGreen ?

Fortunatamente uscendo dalle piccole realtà che ci circondano (viviamo in un paese di provincia), si riescono a trovare grandi persone con le quali condividere bei momenti insieme. I ragazzi di RedGoldGreen sono tra queste persone. Ci siamo conosciuti a Roma nelle serate reggae della capitale, andando ai concerti e alle serate con i soundsystem. Il rapporto di amicizia si è poi trasformato anche in un legame professionale quando hanno voluto inserire un nostro brano (Dem Go Mad) all'interno del secondo volume della compilation Push The Vibes. Ne siamo stati onorati. Per questo ringraziamo ed auguriamo alla famiglia RedGoldGreen un fortissimo Large Up per il loro cammino. Life is the Mission. Bless and love.
As small town boys, we consider ourselves lucky to have found amazing people we can share great moments with. The guys from RedGoldGreen are among these people. We met them in Rome in one of the many reggae events and soundsystem nights . Our friendship became a professional collaboration when they wanted to add our tune Dem Go Mad in the compilation "Push the vibes". We feel so honored by this. So we give thanks and wish the family of RedGoldGreen a big Large Up for their future. Life's the mission. Bless and

Quali sono i tuoi/vostri progetti futuri ?
Which are you future projects ?

Stiamo lavorando al secondo album. Nel frattempo fatevi un giro sul nostro sito ufficiale ,  dove troverete tutto su di noi e potete scaricare in free download i nostri brani.
We are currently working on our second album, in the meanwhile you can have a look in our website , where you can find everything about us and download our tunes for free.

Thank you so much for this interview, keep up the great work ! Don't forget to give a look at their website and to follow them on facebook, and last but not least remember to check out the "Dem Go Mad" music video ! :)

Buy the compilation Push The Vibes on Itunes !


domenica 12 novembre 2017

Adam Saleh album "Charpter II" is out !

About two weeks ago, on October 29th, Adam Saleh's album "Charpter II" was relesed in all digital stores. The album has 15 tunes, in which we can also hear  Faydee's, Zack Knight, Kennoyon Brown and few more voices.
In the album is included also one of our favorite track of all time, since it was relesed a few months back :  "On my way" where we can hear the work of three amazing guys melting together : Faydee, James Yammouni and Adam Saleh itself.
On the same day was relesed Waynak music video, which is defentely amazing. And we are not the only ones thinking this since in only few days has already got more than a million views.
Defentely this album is a 4 out of 5 stars. Ya all should defenetly buy this album.
Spotify link :

martedì 24 ottobre 2017

Interview with Saime

Hello dear listeners and readers, we are finally back with a new interview.

Today's interview is with the great italian artist Saime. We got the chance to know him thanks to the RedGoldGreen label guys. An italian record label we met at Rototom Sunsplash last august.

Let's  start with the interview :

Ti andrebbe di presentarvi ai nostri ascoltatori ?
Would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners ?

Ciao a tutti gli ascoltatori di RQL radio, noi siamo Saime & Cool Rulers, gruppo reggae siciliano, 4 persone che provengono da 4 generi diversi, ognuno di noi ha lavorato ad altri progetti in passato e l'amore per il reggae ci ha fatti incontrare e abbiamo deciso di lavorare insieme e portare avanti il progetto solista di Saime per arricchirlo ulteriormente.
Hello RQL listeners, here is Saime & The cool Rulers, a reggae band from Sicily ; 4 friends that comes from 4 different kinds of music, each of us has been working on other project during the past, but the love for reaggae music has made us meet, and we decided to work together and to bring forth Saime's solo project and make it more "rich"

Quando è iniziata la vostra avventura musicale ?
When did you music adventure started ?

Il progetto solista di Saime nasce circa 12 anni fa, durante questo periodo pubblica 3 album e vari singoli che riscuotono un discreto successo in Italia e all'estero. I cool rulers si formano e si uniscono al progetto circa due anni fa e iniziano dopo una serie di concerti a produrre il primo singolo Narcos e il nuovo album che è ancora in lavorazione.
Saime's solo project started about 12 years ago, during this time he published 3 albums and several singles, which have got a great feedback in Italy and abroad. "Cool Rulers" project started about two years ago ; after a few gigs, they started to work on the first single "Narcos" and on the the album wich is still in progress.

Quale messaggio possiamo trovare nelle vostre canzoni ?
Which message can we find in your songs ?

Credo che il potere della musica reggae di veicolare un messaggio sia una delle componenti fondamentali e che ogni artista debba farsene promotore in prima persona. I nostri pezzi parlano molto spesso delle problematiche legate alla guerra, all'esclusione sociale e all'immigrazione che è una tematica fondamentale da trattare in questo periodo in Italia. Per esempio Narcos dove apparentemente si parla solo di Ganjah in realtà è un modo per affrontare il problema del narcotraffico e affermare la nostra posizione sulla legalizzazione della cannabis, sia a scopo ricreativo che medico, e il fatto che non può essere in alcun caso paragonata a una droga pesante. Ovviamente non mancano tematiche legate all'amore visto che anche di questo è fatta la vita.
We believe that one of the main features of reggae music is its inner capability to bring forth important messages and every reggae artist should be aware of that and work in that direction. Our songs often talks about problems related to the war, social exclusion and immigration, which are very important themes during this period in Italy. For example Narcos apparently talks only about Ganjah , but in instead it's a way to face the narco traffic problem and to confirm our thoughts about the legalization of cannabis, either for medical and recreative porpouses ; and the fact that it can't be compared to any chemical drug. Of course in our song "love" is not missing, since life it's made also of this.

Come avete conosciuto i ragazzi della fantastica Redgoldgreen ?
How did you meet the guys from the great RedGoldGreen ?

Diciamo che di fondo si parte da una grande amicizia e un grande rispetto per Virtus, Wufer e tutti la scuderia Red Gold Green. Saime è in contatto con loro da parecchio tempo, Virtus è stato uno dei produttori di molte tune presenti nel suo secondo album "Just me", in cui hanno anche realizzato un feat "Not like Yuh". Abbiamo subito percepito una buona energia, una grande professionalità e tanta cura nelle loro produzione e quindi abbiamo deciso di affidarci a loro per il nostro progetto.
Let's say it all started from a great friendship and rispect for Virtus, Wufer and all the guys of Red Gold Green. Saime has been in contact with them for quite a while now, Virtus has been one of the producer of many songs from his second album "just me", in which they have also made a featuring in "Not like Yuh". We immediately felt a good energy, a great professionality and so much care in their productions, so we decided to let them produce this project

Quali sono i tuoi/vostri progetti futuri ?
Which are you future projects ?

Per adesso siamo chiusi in studio a lavorare alle tune del nuovo album che uscirà a febbraio 2018. Stiamo cercando di lavorare con criterio scegliendo e valutando attentamente ogni cosa per dare ai nostri fans il miglior prodotto possibile, stiamo collaborando con artisti di grande spessore e siamo molto felici del supporto e dell'affetto che riceviamo da parte di chi ci segue. Poi dopo l'uscita ovviamente ci prepareremo per il tour con la speranza di far sentire la nostra musica ovunque...chissà anche in Finlandia!! lol
At the moment we are stuck in the studio working on the new tunes for the new album which will be released in February 2018. We are working carefully, and we are paying much attention to every detail so that we can give our fans the best product ever, we are working with big artists and we are very happy of the support and the love we get from people who is following us. After the release of the album of course we will get ready for the tour, we hope to bring our music all around.... Maybe also in Finland (LOL)

Thank you so much for this interview, keep up the great work.  Don't forget to follow Saime & the Cool Rulers on facebook and also don't forget to watch "Narcos" music video.




giovedì 17 agosto 2017

Mellow Mood interview @Rototomsunsplash2017

Yesterday night we had the chance to finally meet in person Jacopo and Lorenzo from Mellow Mood. It has been great to talk with the guys about their show here at Rototom (they will perform tonight, so a few hours to go ! ), their expectations, their memories from past editions and their plans.

Hello Jacopo and Lorenzo, it is so nice to finally meet you guys in person ! I talked with Giulio a few months ago, it was february I think, did anything change since then ?

Well, now we play Jazz music ! (laughs) No just kidding ! What changed since then... well mainly our plans, I mean, back in februaryour focus was on the summer tour, now the tour is almost over and we're thinking what to do next.

So tomorrow (today) is the big day. How do you feel ?

Very well, much more relaxed than usual. This is probably the most important gig of the year so there are alwayz big expectations which can bring  some anxiety, but instead this year the feeling is much more relaxed, we're just thrilled to go on stage and play.

This is not your first time here at Rototom. This is your ...

12th time ... in Spain the third, but the 12th in Rototom. Since 2006 if we remember well. Of course not always on Main Stage.

The 12th ! Really amazing, so we can say that playing at Rototom is like coming home for you ?

Absolutely ! We feel like this is our festival, like everything you see is ours . It is like a second home to us.

What are your expectations for tomorrow's (today's) gig ?

Playing at Rototom is always a bit tricky you know, it is such an important festival. But we only expect good things, good energy, great vibes. We want to make people happy for the couple of hours they'll spend with us and our music.

Among the artists  playing here this year, with whom would you like to share the stage ?

L. Probably with more than one, we can't  remember the whole line up ; but  for example, if we are not wrong tonight in playing AIDONIA  in the Dance Hall stage, well I really like him, what has done this year, the single's he has got out have been all super cool. Defenetely there's more than one with whom we would like to share the stage.

Would you like to share with us a Rototom memory, you are especially you are fond of ?

Well for example, in 2009/2010 we won the Reggae Contest and that was the first time we played on Main Stage. That is our great memory. But as we said Rototom is like a second home and it is always wonderful. Last year we didn't  come and it felt so strange. It's always great. There are many different reggae festivals in Europe, but this one feels always special to us, with a wondrful atmosphere that you can hardly find anywhere else.

Could you anticipate us something about your future projects ? 

Now we are going to stop and record a new album. This is our projects right now. But we can't say more about it. We hope we'll release it next spring.

Thank you so much for this interview, has been amazing to finally meet you and talk to you in person. Keep up the great work you are doing and be always true to yoursefl because you are really amazing. See you up on stage in a few hours  !!

martedì 15 agosto 2017

Rototom Sunsplash 2017- Celebrating Africa

It was exactly one year ago in Loviisa, when we started daydreaming about covering Rototom Sunsplash as media. It has been a long year of working hard, brainstorming and promoting. But all our efforts have been rewarded by getting our accreditation. As an independent radio it has been a really exciting pursuit from such a big festival.

So here we are, are you ready for a walk inside the biggest european reggae event with us ?
Let’s begin with the media center, which is something you hardly ever see.

It is just on the left of the main stage, very cozy and useful area for every professional working here. 

But let's go on with our visit. The festival area is one of the most eclectic and sparkling you may imagine. Thematic areas, uplifting quotes and art everywhere, and delicious and spiced smells from the several ethnic restaurants. There are several stages displaying artists that go from old school roots to the most up-to-date Dance Hall, for every taste and age in the big reggae universe.

 This is the Lion Stage, the first one you come across when you enter the festival area, quite a welcome if you arrive when someone's playing !

 It was a bit too early for this stage when I took the picture, but here you can see the Dance Hall area, where the craziest and those with most stamina can dance and sing until the sunrise.

 And here we are in the real musical heart of the festival, the Main Stage and Radio Rototom. The greatest name have perfomed on that very stage.

And here you have a quick peek of my very favourite area : the Artisan Market, where it is possible to see many different kind of artisans perform their skills in front of the amazed eyes of adult and children.

If we want to find a downside of Rototom, it is not in the festival itself but mostly in the camping accommodation which could be better to meet the basic needs of such a huge amount of people (worst part is the lack of drinking water ) and the communication among the staff which is a bit poor. 

I really hope you enjoyed the stroll around the festival, we're surely happy to be here and we look forward to many more collaborations.